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Nothing creates more value for your organization than knowledgeable, engaged people. So you invest in people that you hope will, in turn, be engaged, productive, and confident.

How you spend those development dollars makes a difference.

Whether you are seeking continuing education for your own career or your workforce, Bellevue 大学 can fill the need with training and professional education services. As a recognized leader in organizational development and education for certified professionals, The College of 继续 and Professional 教育 (CPE) provides customized non-credit courses in these areas and more:

  • 创业
  • Human resource management
  • Human services – Substance use & gambling disorder treatment
  • 领导

Bellevue 大学 offers world-class expertise in online learning with published subject matter experts to support organizational development needs, whether the student's need is to improve leadership and Power Skills or to be up-to-date on in-demand project management and technology skills.

The College of 继续 and Professional 教育 also forges collaborative relationships at dozens of Council Bluffs, Omaha and Lincoln area companies and organizations. We support and supplement our partners’ ongoing professional development efforts in:

  • Succession planning
  • Human capital management
  • 管理 training

We tailor engaging workshops for employee skill development and improved performance. Our interactive seminars will leave your employees with tools and strategies that they are able to implement in their jobs the minute they leave the training room. 领导 teams at our partner businesses testify to immediate and sustainable advances in productivity, 效率, 士气, 创新, 战略思考, 问责制, 和有效性.

Human Resource professionals, 高级经理, and certified professionals are finding out why Bellevue 大学’s 继续 & Professional 教育 is a chosen solution for career development services and education:

  • High return on investment with long-term benefit: CPE offers cost-effective, high-value services designed to meet specific organizational needs. We understand that addressing your human capital goals is critical for organizational growth.
  • Customized programs tied to specific outcomes: Our faculty and subject matter experts consult with organizations to develop unique programs that address strategic development needs. We work to ensure realization of your required outcomes.
  • Employee engagement with real results: Participants come away with skills that can be applied at work immediately. They will emerge with more confidence and skills for building organizational strength, through shared problem solving experiences and application of knowledge.

To find out how we can partner with you to attain your professional goals, Email: Or contact one of our representatives directly below:

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  • 院长,继续 & Professional 教育
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